Hidden Disgrace II: Rockville Center Diocese

Lawyers Helping Survivors of Child Sex Abuse, a national team of attorneys dedicated to representing victims of sexual abuse that James, Vernon & Weeks, P.A., is proud to serve with, just released a new report entitled Hidden Disgrace II. 51 alleged pedophiles who are associated with the diocese within the Diocese of Rockville Centre were

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Montana Abuse on Reservations

Tremendous article shines a spotlight on the epidemic of abuse on Montana reservations by predatory priests.  Read the article here. Lee James and Craig Vernon of James, Vernon and Weeks, P.A. have represented hundreds of survivors who were abused as children on Montana reservations. These lawsuits include the cases against the Northwest Jesuits as discussed in this

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Victim of Serial Pedophile Files Lawsuit Against Boston Archdiocese

Survivor Was Repeatedly Abused by Brother Tony Holmes While Living at the Nazareth Child Care Center in Jamaica Plain Andre Jones with attorneys Patrick Noaker, Kim Dougherty, Jerry Kristal and Craig Vernon at News Conference in Boston, MA July 17, 2017 On July 17, 2016 Andre Jones filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of

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Secular bankruptcy law: Why the Catholic Church uses it

It’s not a lack of money; it’s about protecting image, pooling insurance, and finality. Why does a non-secular organization like the Roman Catholic Church use secular bankruptcy law when faced with child sexual abuse claims? Many mistakenly assume it is because the Catholic diocese, order or institute does not have enough money to pay

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Online Business Reviews – Why They Matter, and Why They Don’t

For the past two decades, the internet has become an all-encompassing resource in just about every society in the world. We use it to do everything, from education to industry to entertainment. Nowadays, it’s common practice to use the web to perform research before undertaking any sort of venture, purchase, or transaction, whether it’s

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