Victim of Serial Pedophile Files Lawsuit Against Boston Archdiocese

Survivor Was Repeatedly Abused by Brother Tony Holmes While Living at the Nazareth Child Care Center in Jamaica Plain Andre Jones with attorneys Patrick Noaker, Kim Dougherty, Jerry Kristal and Craig Vernon at News Conference in Boston, MA July 17, 2017 On July 17, 2016 Andre Jones filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Boston

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Secular bankruptcy law: Why the Catholic Church uses it

It’s not a lack of money; it’s about protecting image, pooling insurance, and finality. Why does a non-secular organization like the Roman Catholic Church use secular bankruptcy law when faced with child sexual abuse claims? Many mistakenly assume it is because the Catholic diocese, order or institute does not have enough money to pay claims.

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Online Business Reviews – Why They Matter, and Why They Don’t

For the past two decades, the internet has become an all-encompassing resource in just about every society in the world. We use it to do everything, from education to industry to entertainment. Nowadays, it’s common practice to use the web to perform research before undertaking any sort of venture, purchase, or transaction, whether it’s buying

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More than Reporting Requirements Needed to Address Domestic Violence

“She worked at a hospital, why didn’t anyone report the abuse?” I heard that question all day on March 9, 2017, the day Kelly Pease, a nursing student and victim of domestic violence, was found murdered in the Kootenai Medical Center parking lot.  The unspoken belief seemed to be that if only someone had reported

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Will vs Trust: Which is For Me?

  Often when I meet with a new client to prepare an estate plan the client walks in the door believing that she needs a trust.  When asked why she would like a trust, the response is often to avoid probate because she has heard that probate is very expensive.  However, when the pros and

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Self-Care and Divorce

As a family law practitioner, my legal practice is centered in crisis.  Your crisis.  Professionally, I meet people during one of the worst times of their lives: their divorce.  Amicable or acrimonious, divorce is ranked among life’s most traumatic experiences.  Divorce is almost always an unhappy event, and at the very least it’s marked by disappointment and

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