April 30, 2018 Claims Deadline Approaching for Rockville Centre (NY) Abuse Victims

(Long Island, New York – April 9, 2018) For clergy sex abuse survivors from Long Island, New York, now is the time to come forward.

It’s important to act now and not delay to meet the April 30, 2018 filing deadline to file a claim.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, one of the largest Catholic dioceses in the country, has established an “Independent Reconciliation and Compensation” program to review claims of past clergy sexual abuse of minors and to pay the victims, no matter when the abuse occurred. Eligible claims will be paid within 60 days from the time that a claim is submitted, deemed eligible and the compensation is determined and accepted.

Unlike other dioceses across the country that have had the courts oversee the handling of abuse claims, the Rockville Centre diocese, like the Archdiocese of New York, has established a confidential process with an independent administrator to review claims. April 30th is the current deadline, after which abuse claims could be barred from further consideration.

To date, 51 credibly accused clergy from the Diocese of Rockville Centre have been identified as abusers. (See below: a list of abusers.)

Any person wishing to file a new claim alleging sexual abuse not previously reported to the diocese should register with the Rockville Centre Diocese. This information is confidential but will be shared with a local district attorney’s office and reviewed by the diocese.

The Rockville Centre diocese is the sixth-largest Catholic diocese in the United States, serving approximately 1.5 million people in 134 parishes. The diocese represents church members from Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island.

“When you have a trail of abuse spanning decades, it’s important to help victims and address these injuries,” said Leander James, an attorney representing victims.

Rockville Centre Bishop John Oliver Barres has vowed in a statement earlier this year that the claims review process is credible and is an important step in restoring trust and ensuring the safety of children: “We stand in solidarity with our survivors and their families, and we continue our commitment and vigilance to the protection of children. …”

If you have been abused or have information about someone you know who has been abused, contact: childsexualabuse.org or call 888-961-6038 to speak with an attorney representing victims. Lawyers Helping Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse is a national team of attorneys helping victims and ensuring their interests are represented in the process.

Report: Diocese of Rockville Centre Affidavit of Service

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