Xarelto: A Popular Drug with Unpopular Consequenses

The world of medicine has found an expansive list of uses for anti-coagulants (blood thinners). Doctors have been prescribing blood thinners for years, helping to reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes. Until 2011, the most popular blood thinner was a drug called Coumadin. It was designed to thin the blood enough to prevent clotting, but in the instance of internal bleeding the effects of Coumadin could be reversed.

Now, rewind to 2011; big name pharmaceutical developers, Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals released Xarelto. This new drug was released as a new and improved blood thinner, when in reality Xarelto had serious undiscovered side-effects. Xarelto has been proven to cause severe internal bleeding and can be fatal in some cases. Unlike Coumadin, the developers of Xarelto failed to find any way to counter act the effects of Xarelto, leaving the damage irreversible.

With little regard for the people taking this drug, Bayer and Janssen pushed this drug onto the market, and gave consumers no warning of the risks they were taking when filling their Xarelto prescriptions. Since 2013, the FDA has ordered two separate warnings be placed on the label of Xarelto in attempts to make consumers aware of the risks they were taking.

Take a look at the U.S. Drug Alert on Xarelto

While consumers are being harmed, Xarelto was among the top 25 highest selling drugs last year raking in more than $3.6 billion. Seems unfair, right?  How are companies allowed to release harmful drugs and reap such large profits at the expense of the health and safety of the public?

The attorneys at James, Vernon & Weeks have knowledge and experience when it comes to facing these Goliath drug companies. We have refined the skill of helping injured victims recover for their losses, and regain some peace of mind.

In the unfortunate event that you, or a loved one, has suffered from the irresponsible actions of the makers of Xarelto, contact us and meet face-to-face with a skilled attorney who can help you understand what options you may have to see that justice is served. As we always have, we stand by our mission statement with the focus of “Helping People Solve Problems®”.

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