JVW Sues New York Hospital for Chaplain’s Sexual Abuse of Client

Civil lawsuit Alleges Chaplain Raped Client, Kept His Suicide Note, Subjected Him to Hypnosis

Photograph of Anchor from Newcast on Abuse Allegations

JVW lawyers have a passion for advocating for their clients.

We’ve represented hundreds of abuse survivors nationwide and along the way we’ve become one of the most authoritative, knowledgeable firms in the country for this area of law.

Here’s attorney Leander James speaking on behalf of our client, a former suicidal patient, who was abused at a hospital and for another four years, after he was released into the care of an alleged serial abuser.

“It’s very common — in fact, it’s most common – for perpetrators who violate to not violate just one person. There’s usually a string of victims,” James told Rochester, New York’s WHAM Channel 13.


If you’ve been sexually abused, you can speak confidentially to one of our attorneys at 208-667-0683.


Reminder to New York Abuse Survivors: Nov. 23, 2023, is the last day to file a civil lawsuit in New York state for sexual abuse cases that occurred as an adult, for which the statute of limitations has lapsed.

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