As the Pope replaces the former Archbishop of Guam (who faces a canonical trial for child sex abuse) survivors can now seek justice under Guam’s new law

Our co-counsel in Hawaii, Randall Rosenberg, whom we have teamed with to successfully obtain justice for many survivors of sexual abuse, sent us this article linked below. Pope Francis has named Bishop Michael Jude Byrnes as the new leader of the Guam archdiocese. Byrnes succeeds the former Archbishop, Anthony Apuron, who currently faces a canonical trial at the Vatican after several former altar boys accused him of child sexual abuse.

Lawsuits have already been filed under Guam’s new law by former altar boys accusing Apuron and another Priest, Louis Brouillard of sexual abuse. Per this article, Brouillard has admitted to molesting 20 boys.

My long-time law partner, Lee James, noted there is a probable reason why a Priest like Brouillard could abuse boys over such a long period of time. “This creates the perfect blackmail situation. The Archbishop isn’t going to out these pedophile priests, for fear that he will also be outed.”

At James, Vernon & Weeks, we are committed to helping adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Our hearts go out specifically to survivors of child sexual abuse in Guam, and to all survivors everywhere. You are not alone. It isn’t your fault.

We commend Guam for opening this new law that allows adult survivors of child sexual abuse to seek justice caused by the evils of this abuse. When survivors are ready to come forward, we at JVW are here to help.

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