In Hawaii: We’re Now Investigating Cases of Sex Abuse

Serial predators come in all disguises.

Brother Edward “Chris” Courtney had the aura of respectability: Christian Brother, longtime teacher, teacher’s union representative, and authority figure, who served in top administrator jobs at schools.

But Courtney held a secret: He is believed to have abused 50 victims or more.

In 1988, Courtney pled guilty to indecent liberties in Eastern Washington.

Courtney, now 79 years old, is believed to be living in Hawaii.

Courtney’s order, the Congregation of Christian Brothers, knew about abuse allegations in the 1960s but allowed Courtney to continue teaching in Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York and Washington.

Currently we’re investigating child sex-abuse cases in Hawaii. Until April 24, 2016, abuse victims can file civil lawsuits previously barred by statutes of limitation, due to “window legislation” signed into law a few years ago.

We’re interested in hearing from anyone who may have information about Brother Edward “Chris” Courtney.

If you have information about Brother Courtney in Hawaii, please contact us: 208-667-0683.

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